Exness financial reports

At Exness we ensure all our financial reports are available to the public so you can review our key performance indicators and financial audits.

Exness Group’s performance indicators

Trading volume

Total volume of CFDs traded in billions of USD

Number of active clients

Total clients trading and conducting balance operations

Client withdrawals

Total withdrawals in millions of USD (excluding internal transfer)

Partner rewards

Total commission paid to partners in millions of USD

Figures have been updated following recent audit.

Frequently asked questions

In 2023, Exness achieved a remarkable milestone of over $4 trillion in monthly trading volume. Additionally, throughout the year, we executed an impressive 1.9 billion trades. For further details and the latest updates, download and review our latest financial reports.

Exness mainly earns its income through what we call Spread Revenue in its role as a market maker. Essentially, Exness charges a 'service fee' for helping traders carry out their transactions on the Exness platforms.

In addition to this, Exness profits from trading commissions on certain types of accounts and financial instruments. For instance, with our Zero account, traders don't pay any spread fees on the top 30 instruments for 95% of the day. Instead, they pay a set 'trading commission' for each trade they make on select instruments.

Exness also charges swap fees for certain instruments, which are applied when traders keep a trading position open through the night.

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